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All of these documents are in PDF format, so you will need Adobre Reader to open them. Just click on the underlined description to open.

  • Product Catalog - Our 2017 catalog features the various forestry products we are producing in our plantations, as well as related activities.
  • Tree Purchase Joint Venture Agreement - A sample joint venture agreement showing how our tree purchase and tree buy-back program works.
  • Sustainable Forestry Book - (Spanish): We were one of the participating plantations in a sustainable forestry management plan project with WWF, TNC, GEF and others.
  • Ecolodge La Pedregoza - This brochure describes how you can visit the plantation and natural reserve and the eco-tourism and agro-tourism we offer.
  • Natural Reserve Brochure - This is a brochure describing the various programs we operate in our Reserva Natural La Pedregoza.
  • River Turtle Conservation Guide - A book for river dwellers on how to protect the turtles, together with other foundations.
  • NotiBita Natural Silviculture - (Spanish): We wrote this newsletter for the Allianza Río Bita regarding natural silviculture and fence posts.
  • Acosmium nitens - Tree profile regarding the Congrio, a precious native tree we cultivate.
  • Copaifera pubiflora - Tree profile regarding the Aceite, a medicinal native tree we cultivate.
  • Simarouba amara - Tree profile regarding the Simarru, a fast growing native tree we cultivate.
  • Caraipa llanorum - Tree profile regarding the Saladillo rojo, an emblematic native tree we plant.
  • Ocotea cymbarum - Tree profile regarding the Sassafras, an endanered native tree we plant for conservation.

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